About our PRODUCT

10 FACTS about ME:

1. I am made up of POLYSTYRENE.
2. I am BPA-free. So I’m not hazardous to your health.
3. I am non-toxic. Additives used to create me have passed FDA. Hooray!
4. I am leak-proof. Squeaky clean!
5. I can only store liquids up to 60 °C. So I am not HOT, but I’m cool!
6. I love fruits but I don’t like them staying in me for more than 3 HOURS. Acidity is too strong for me.
7. I am not scratch-proof. Hence, I need to be protected.
8. I am not unbreakable. So please be gentle on me.
9. I might smell plastic sometimes, but it’s the plasticizer that stops me from becoming brittle. You may use baking soda to clear the air.
10. I have a cute mouth. So you can clean me by getting a long-stem sponge. If you don’t have one, just insert a sponge and use a fork or spoon to control the sponge inside. Improvise!