Couple's Bottle (1000 mL)

Couple's Bottle (1000 mL)

The Aqua Carton™
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Aqua Carton™ celebrates Valentine's with you and your partner.

Aesthetics! Drinking water in an Aqua Carton is so extra! We aim to encourage you to hydrate all the time. And with our minimalist design, you can even play out colors to infuse fruits in our milk-carton-shaped bottle.

No to waste - no to single-use plastic bottles for our Aqua Carton™️ is reusable.

Save the turtles - lessening plastic wastes in the world can make turtles and other species happy.

Healthy in style - time to invent some fruit infusion and you’ll never get bored in staying fit.

Photo friendly - can’t resist taking a photo with our water bottle and even if its empty, it’s still aesthetically pleasing.

BPA-Free - made up of non-toxic food-grade material and additives used have passed FDA. So it is safe and won’t contaminate your liquid.